Welcome to the Walleye Capital of the world! And where you can catch the best eating Smallmouth Bass and Yellow Perch anywhere.




Fact: Lake Erie has more Walleye than any other body of water on the planet. The Western basin has long produced the largest yields of these "fresh water lobsters" in both numbers and grade of fish. MARK1 Sportfishing offers the finest fishing and lodging available on Lake Erie along with a full service fish processing facility. From early spring unitil late fall, Walley abound in the shoals, rocks, flats and reefs of the island region of Lake Erie. MARK1 captains rely on decades of experience to locate schools of walleye, as they migrate in and out of their breeding and feeding grounds. Drift casting is extremelty popular throughout the entire season with terrific results. Worm harnesses and weight forward spinner presentations are effective patterns for producing trophy class Walleye.


Bass and Yellow Perch

Early and late season fishing offers awesome combination possibilities for multi-species angling. Tenacious Smallmouth Bass and delicious Yellow Perch occupy the territory during this period on Lake Erie. Impressive average size and terrific numbers make for an ideal day of sport fishing, regardless of the client's relative skill level. Power tube casting and minnows are the most popular presentations for these game fish. One would be hard pressed to find a more scrumptious fish than a Perch or one that fights as hard, and jumps like a Smallmouth Bass. Liberal limits and great success rates make this a very popular package with Mark1 guests.